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Ripples of “HOPE”




Beyond the Bell’s Youth Development Program Unit has kicked off the “Young Actioneers – Elementary Take Action Campaign” where participating students at 24 elementary schools have a platform to become positive community change agents.  All students embark on a year long journey of self-discovery.  Through a lens of social emotional learning, students experience hands-on activities and discussion circles that emphasize topics such as: community building, school climate, student voice, and understanding of intra/interpersonal skills. Every six weeks students develop a school-centered topic and culminating activity to bring awareness to their school community.

The students at 10th Street Elementary School recently completed their “HOPE” campaign culminating in writing “Hopeful” letters to president Trump.  During the past months, the students at 10th Street focused on defining hope in their community and ways in which they can pass hope on to others during the political wave of elections.  Our Young Actioneers spread the ripples of hope to others by bringing a positive outlook to the political elections.  Slowly the community at 10th Street Elementary School began to see a sense of unity and positive energy formulating because of the positive actions and words our Young Actioneers were displaying. Hope will always thrive in our community and our Young Actioneers will be there to pass it on to others.


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