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Message from Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I was hoping you might help us Kareem and I out with a charitable donation for his Skyhook Foundation. 

We are involved in a promotion that runs for 5 weeks called Brackets for Good. Each week there are elimations. We are playing against different charity’s each week and whoever raises the most money each week gets to advance to the next round.

We would really appreciate having your help support Camp Skyhook through this promotion and helping us get to the next round. Please let me know if you can donate $50 or $100 and if so, can you do it today at your earliest convenience.  We are tryingto win Round 1 so we can advance in the tournament. If we win, the grand prize is $100,000 from AT&T that goes to the Skyhook Foundation. 

The kids are the ones who benefit from this so thank you so much for the support as this is Kareem’s Skyhook Foundation and it means the world to him. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Thanks for your support, Deborah & Kareem 

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