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High School 2017 Summer Term

The High School 2017 Summer Term was a great success this year!  Almost 32,000 students attended summer term 2017 which was held for 24 days at 72 comprehensive high schools throughout the district.  Students had the opportunity to enroll in up to two courses for ten credits.  All schools provided English, math, science and history/social science courses as well as two sections of non-core/enrichment courses.  A total of 1,674 sections were offered which included 94 unique courses. 

The staff hired this summer included 1,192 teachers as well as a fulltime academic counselor and teacher leader at each school.  Counselors worked as “case managers” over the summer to provide both academic and social/emotional support to students and communicated regularly with parents regarding student progress.   Teacher Leaders provided instructional support by facilitating an hour of Common Planning Time/PD weekly as well as planning lessons and co-teaching with classroom teachers. 

Prior to the beginning of summer term, 1,070 core subject teachers, teacher leaders, and summer principals completed the four-hour summer term professional development delivered via MyPLN.  The professional development included Mastery Learning and Grading, Culturally and Linguistically Responsive pedagogy and instructional tools on how to organize instruction for the 2.5 hour extended class period. 

At the end of summer term an overwhelming number of students indicated that the 2.5 hour class period had been broken down into different activities, which helped them stay focused and engaged.  

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