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Migrant Education Program

Students Eliza and Keily
(L-R: Students Elza and Keily)

Good friends, Eliza and Keily, practiced their skills in language arts, mathematics and science this summer to get ready for 3rd and 4th grade.  This summer the girls attended the Migrant Education Summer School Program held at Harmony Elementary School.   During summer school the students were encouraged to think critically during fun hands-on Project Based Learning activities.

Migrant Education students from over 60 different Los Angeles schools explored, discovered and mastered basic programming using iPads and robots.  Students created artistic and innovative final projects that expressed what they learned during the summer. For many students and teachers, their field trip to the Discovery Cube was the highlight of the summer session.

Ms. Gavilan, who teaches in the Migrant Education Program, says she wishes the interactive, hands-on, family-oriented classes were available to everyone.  “All students and families,” she said, “could benefit from this approach.”

Adreian a 7th grader from Hollenbeck MS said, “I enjoy summer school because I can focus on the subject we are studying.   And I get a chance to be creative in my writing and the art projects we are working on.”

The summer session culminated with parents and community members visiting classrooms.  Students shared what they learned and entertained their visitors with songs and dances showcasing what they had learned about music, harmony, and rhythm.

Ms. Neri and her summer class of preschool students: (L to R) Jesus, Emmanuel, Evolet, Juan and Ashley.
Ms. Neri and her summer class of preschool students: (L to R) Jesus, Emmanuel, Evolet, Juan and Ashley.

The LAUSD’s Migrant Education Program provides health and instructional programs for children and youth, ages 3 to 21, whose parents have worked in agriculture, fishing, diary, food processing and packing, forestry or the livestock industries within the last 36 months.   For more information about student eligibility for after school and Saturday school programs, please call 213-241-0510.

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