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Young Actioneers – Elementary Take Action Campaign

Beyond the Bell’s Elementary School Unit – Youth Services Program has begun a third year implementing the Young Actioneers – Elementary Take Action Campaign (ETAC).  This program focuses on social and emotional learning competencies: Growth Mindset, Social Awareness, and Self-Efficacy.  Youth Services Coaches guide students through hands-on activities and discussion circles that focus on fostering a sense of community, student voice, and an understanding of intra/interpersonal skills.  The goal of Young Actioneers is to inspire students to make a positive impact on their schools and communities.   

In June, Youth Services Coaches reflected on how the ETAC program has affected the climate of the expanded day program and how it has afforded students opportunities to express themselves. 

“The kids are connected now.  They support one another and even the kids who are not in ETAC support the events we do.” Morningside Elementary, Coach K. Cano

“ETAC has definitely brought our students together.  We have grades 2nd – 5th who play together, learn together, and most importantly they share together.  We have taught each other that we are more than just an after school program, we are now a family.” Miles Elementary, Coach M. Leal

“They are given the chance and opportunity to take the lead, express their thoughts and ideas with confidence and without fear of being judged.” Taper Elementary, Coach E. Martinez

“Students are able to express themselves through community circles.  They also get to be creative and come up with their civic events.  They get to express situations or problems that are going on and would like to change.” Stoner Elementary, Coach A. Torres

The Elementary School Unit kicked off the new school year with professional development for Coaches that focused on happiness. Betty Lopez, of the Elementary School Unit, facilitated the training for 28 Coaches representing 21 elementary schools across the District.  Through a variety of activities, staff discovered how complimenting one another helps us experience happiness and explored what individuals could do to help spread happiness in our schools and communities. 

Throughout the school year, Youth Services Coaches will be offered additional professional development to help promote student leadership, community service, and highlight the importance civic responsibility.   The ETAC Coaches are excited to spread happiness every day at the following schools.

2017-2018 Participating ETAC Sites

28th Street ES

Alta California ES

Braddock ES

Estrella ES

Gridley ES

Hazeltine ES

Hooper ES

LaMotte ES

Langdon ES

Lassen ES

Lawson Academy

Limerick ES

Manchester ES

Miles Ave ES

Morningside ES

Panorama City ES

Plainview ES

San Miguel ES

Shenandoah ES

South Shores ES

Taper Avenue ES






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