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Academic Pentathlon (Middle Schools)



Academic Pentathlon is an exciting five-event competition for grades six, seven, and eight. The program engages students of all achievement levels in challenging academic events.

Under the guidance of an adult coach, teams of students prepare for competition in the subject areas of fine arts (art and music), literature (including essay analysis), math, science, and social science.

The program supports the achievement of the following California Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) priorities:


Pupil Outcomes

Survey results from students who participated in the 2017-18 Academic Pentathlon:

94% reported improved skills in critical thinking
82% reported improved skills in communication
87% reported improved skills in team-work
64% reported improved creativity
77% reported development of stronger character traits


The program encourages active involvement and collaboration of teachers, administrators, students and parents.

88% reported that the program helped them to build relationships with their peers
76% reported that the program helped them become more involved at school

Each grade level also competes in an exciting Super Quiz relay, a team event where parents, faculty, and classmates cheer for their teams from the sidelines, championing academics much like the environment of a sporting event. The top scoring teams and individual students are awarded medals and plaques.




Date Time



February 29, 2020



March 21, 2020

Competition Day


April 18, 2020

Awards Ceremony




2018-19 Results

Volunteer Information

Academic Pentathlon needs your support!

The Academic Pentathlon, an exciting five-event competition for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, relies heavily on parents and community members volunteering their time, professionalism, and care to serve as Super Quiz Relay Proctors and Test Proctors for the 2018-2019 event season.

There will be three (3) event competition days in Spring 2018 that need volunteer support. 


Volunteer Descriptions

Super Quiz Relay Proctor - As a Super Quiz Relay Proctor, you will be assigned one or two teams and score their answer sheets according to the correct answers displayed on the screen.  Super Quiz Relay is a public event in which teams compete in front of a live audience in a high school gym.  No experience is needed.  A brief orientation will be provided prior to each Super Quiz Relay event.

Test Proctor - As a Test Proctor, you will be teamed up with another community member to administer multiple-choice tests to a classroom of 30 students, monitor test room conduct, and distribute/collect testing materials.  Proctors must be objective and professional, able to clearly read directions aloud, and follow specific testing procedures.  All proctors will attend a brief orientation on the morning of the even. 

Note: If you are interested in being a Super Quiz Relay Proctor and have a child also participating in a Super Quiz Relay event, it is suggested that you volunteer during a time slot opposite your child's event.  We want you to enjoy cheering your child on!  However, if interested, volunteers are invited to proctor both Super Quiz Relay events.

For additional information, please contact Luis Mora at or 213-241-3082