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iConnect Beyond the Bell


Connected Learning

Beyond the Bell believes that learning is most successful when the full array of educational resources available in communities, in-school and out-of-school, in libraries, in museums, faith based institutions, community-based organizations, non-profits, the public and the private sector are made visible and accessible to young learners.

Quality Experiences

In collaboration with community partners, the Beyond the Bell Branch of the Los Angeles Unified School District ensures that all children and youth in the District have access to high quality, safe and supervised education, enrichment and recreation programs that engage and inspire learning and achievement beyond the regular school day.

Students & Parents

Beyond the Bell believes every child and youth should have a safe place to be in the presence of a responsible, caring adult with engaging activities that support achievement and promote social, emotional and physical development.




Summer School

The Los Angeles Unified School District Beyond the Bell Branch is partnering with dozens of organizations throughout the city to provide eligible students with fun and enriching field trip opportunities during the LAUSD Summer School Program. Through the Extended Learning Opportunity Summer (ELOS) program every participating student will attend a field trip with his summer school class. Summer school teachers will be spending part of the instructional day on content related to the field trip location assigned to their students through reading supplemental materials, developing projects, and completing pre and post visit activities. Even if your child is not attending one of the Beyond the Bell ELOS eligible schools, you and your family can still explore and learn on your own this summer by visiting museums, aquariums, zoos, nature and science centers. Visit our website and find educational resources and supplemental reading materials to enhance your child’s learning experience.