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Student Supervision for LAUSD Employees: FAQ (Updated 4-8-21)
Posted 8/25/20

This program is ending for 61 elementary sites April 9th, and the remainder the following Friday. On April 23, it will end for our secondary sites.


Only students at the school the student is attending will be eligible for BTB Programming.


1. What schools will be hosting Student Supervision?


The list of schools is available here.


2. Who can bring children to Student Supervision?


Only LAUSD employees working at a school site may bring TK-8 grade student(s) for Student Supervision. Identified foster and homeless students will also be eligible to attend. 


3. When will the program begin?


  • Elementary and middle school March 4th.
  • High schools, March 8th. 


4. Will testing for COVID be required?


Yes, all participating adults and students must be tested prior to starting the Student Supervision program.

Prior to beginning Student Supervision, the following testing will need to occur:

  • all of those involved in the administration of the testing program
  • those who will be providing Student Supervision
  • students participating in Student Supervision
  • employees whose children are participating in Student Supervision

5. Will masks be required?


Yes, all participants will be required to wear a face covering; children and adults. 


6. What is the ratio of students to adults?




7. Is food provided?




8. What are the hours?


Elementary & Middle School: 8 am to 4:00 pm

High School: 9 am to 3 pm


9. If I no longer need Student Supervision, who should I advise?


Please complete this form, 


10. I am in the middle of processing the application for the Student Supervision services provided by the District. However, I do not know where to submit the form.


Print the application and provide it to the school where the student is initially enrolled for Student Supervision. 


11. I need to sign up for Student Supervision. 


Go to a school that is providing Student Supervision with evidence that the student has completed COVID testing and the appropriate registration form for the BTB unit at the participating school

Application for LA's Best

Application for all other BTB Units (Please download and print)

12. Where can I sign up for COVID-19 Testing?


LA Unified employees may make an appointment using this link


13. Must I use the LAUSD COVID-19 testing sites? Can I go to my own doctor or other facility?


To participate in the LA Unified Employee Student Supervision program, only LAUSD COVID-19 testing is accepted.


BTB Employee Information:


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