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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding BTB Programs
Posted 4/12/21

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding BTB Programs



Q: What schools are opening the week of April 12?

A: The list of schools and their respective after school partners can be found here .


BTB Program and Grade Levels

Q: Do students have to attend all five days of BTB to continue in the program?  Some parents only need 3 days a week as opposed to 5 days.

A: BTB is requesting that students attend all 5 days.  This helps with the consistent cohorting of students. 


Q:  Will Beyond the Bell take all students in grades K-5.

A: We are taking students from TK-5/6.


Student Supervision and Cohorts


Q:  Can we get clarification about the crossover time between cohorts?

A: Beyond the Bell staff will be working from 12 – 4pm at most of the schools as the schools have placed students for in person instruction in the AM cohort.  Students will be supervised until 4pm.  If the am cohort is needed for supervision, we will have staff available to cover their morning time starting at 8am.


Q:  Students are supposed to be kept in cohorts all day. How will that work in the after-school program?

A: The LA County guidelines allow for different cohorts for students (instructional, after school, athletic, etc) but once in that cohort it also must remain stable.




Q:  Who is monitoring staff to ensure they have been tested? 

A: BTB staff has been instructed to do weekly Covid Testing and has been if they were working in the Grab n Go and student supervison program.  They will be using the Daily Pass like all other employees.


Q: Are partner agencies being tested?

A: Our partner agencies have had the opportunity to access not only the District Covid19 Testing but also the District vaccination program.  


Parent Notifications, Applications, and Meals


Q:  Is there an electronic version of the Application for BTB?

A: Yes, it can be found in our E-Library ( under "BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL GRANT PROGRAMS".


Q:  For BTB, will there be Special Assistance for students with Special Needs? 

A: In the application we ask if the student has any physical, emotional and or learning difficulties. By answering that question, we can review the status of the student. We have a staff member that works directly with special education students as their needs are unique.


Q:  Do only kids staying for BTB in the afternoon eat lunch on campus? Do those not staying take their food home?

A: The answers are YES to both questions.


Q: Will there be supervised care for District employees if we are required to come back to work the week of the 12th (19th)?

A: We are not providing the BTB Program for District employees, unless the child has chosen to be in the hybrid program and attends the program at that school.