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Academic Decathlon Sponsors

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On behalf of over 700 students from the 55 schools who will be participating in the 2020 LAUSD Academic Decathlon, thank you for your ongoing support. 

Your sponsorship through donations helps to promote and grow a program serving hundreds of students on their journey through High School. Donations will not only provide participating students with medals, plaques, and trophies.  Our winning students will also be granted scholarships that will benefit their lives beyond their material value in tremendous ways.  These scholarships will allow students to recognize the importance of education in order to utilize what they have learned in creating bright futures and endless opportunities for themselves.

To support LAUSD Academic Decathletes, simply write a check to LAUSD Academic Decathlon and send it by mail to:

LAUSD Academic Decathlon c/o Luis Mora

333 S. Beaudry Ave. 29th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90017


Luis Mora | Enrichment Programs Administrator | Beyond the Bell | LAUSD | 213-241-7900